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     Welcome to the Shasta Dachshunds Web-site. I have been  raising  quality Dachshunds for the past fifteen years. Shasta Dachshunds is nestled just  off  Interstate  5  in  the  mountains   of  the California / Oregon border. I am located at the base of the rolling hills  on  the  North side of a very small town called    Hornbrook.     Hornbrook     is    in   Siskiyou County,     California.    Prior     to      2003    I   raised Standard Dachshunds for fifteen years. Since 2003 I have been very involved with Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds. During 2002 I looked long and hard for the best Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds that I could find. I was looking for the best and nothing less. By the best I mean bloodlines, pedigrees, health and the standard set by the American Kennel Club, AKC. After a year of searching every kennel & breeder I  could  find,  I purchased  eight  females  and  two  males.  All  of  them  carry  champion bloodlines  and  I  cound  not  have  wished  for a  better  group of  Minitaure  Longhaired Dachshunds  to  work  with!  Shasta Dachshunds  takes  great  pride  in the  quality of my Dachshunds. From  their  Pedigrees (Champions) to their looks (Conformation) they are some of the best. Their Pedigrees speak for themselves.

           The quality you'll find at Shasta Dachshunds is rare . Another unique aspect of my Dachshunds is how they are raised. Everyone of my Dachshunds lives indoors with me. They come and go in the house as they please. My house has dog doors with a huge fenced yard. This is how I  raise  my  puppies as  well. So  all of my Dachshunds  Smokey and  puppies  are  very  socialized  by  the  time  I  start   looking   for  homes  for them. One of the best things   about   raising   Miniature   Long  haired Dachshunds is raising the new puppies, from the  time they are born until the time they  leave. The  day  they   leave   for   their   new   home  is  the toughest  part  of  raising Dachshunds the way I do. Because  I  raise them in the house, I get very close to them and it's always difficult to see them go. For this reason I find them the very best homes possible. Shasta  Dachshunds  are  also  hand raised.  I also  have  two  labradors  who are a part     of the family. So   Shasta  Dachshund  Puppies come ready for young people and other dogs. Whether you're looking for a pet or a Miniature Longhaired Dachshund  for the show ring  you have found the right place. I have many references. I have  some listed on the  puppy page. I can also give you more references over the phone. Thank you for your interest in Shasta Dachshunds. Please click on the puppy page link above  to see my new  puppies. Feel  free  to e-mail or phone me anytime if you have any questions.   



                                                                  Shasta's PiperPiper










Reference Letter:

My fiancé and I got our female dachshund, Scout, from Shasta Dachshunds at the beginning of June. And what a gorgeous, happy little girl she is! Scout (see Scout in our gallery) has a very sweet temperament and is both intelligent and playful. Her coloring is the most beautiful we\'ve ever seen in a dachshund. We can't go anywhere without people stopping us to admire her. She has quite the fan club in our neighborhood! We looked all over for the right breeder and are very happy with our decision to get a puppy from Shasta Dachshunds. Joe was extremely helpful every step of the way and he has a great deal of concern for the health and happiness of his beautiful dogs. We feel very lucky to have Scout in our lives and highly recommend Shasta Dachshunds for anyone looking for an outstanding dachshund!

Danielle & Jason  / Beverly Hills, Ca



 Reference Letter:

Shasta Dachshunds has provided my elderly mother and I with the gift of a lifetime. That would be "Louie" (Chas), the gleaming, brindle cream, mini, long-haired dachshund. Being a quick learner with a very sweet disposition as well as being playful and affectionate, the guy is just downright handsome besides. His attachment to the family has been remarkable and the greeting upon returning home every day is uncomparable! After visiting several kennels and interacting with many adult and puppy doxies I can say Louie was bred with care and consideration. The Shasta Dachshunds are healthy and lovingly cared for by family members and it shows. Joe and Denise are great to work with as well, helping to match the right puppy with the right family. They are as conscientious and caring about their interactions with humans as they are with their doxies. We highly recommend any dachshund coming from Shasta Dachshunds.

Sincerely,  Janice and Frances, Santa Rosa California 

Therapy Dachshunds 
Joe, I just had to write and tell you about my boy, Shasta’s Ben There and Back (Benny). I have been working with him on the skills that he needs to be a therapy dog. We attended a 6-week class and practiced diligently at home. Benny is a very eager and quick learner. This past weekend there was a Skills and Aptitude test for Delta Society so I signed us up. I figured we could take the test as a practice and then I would know what we needed to work on. After all, Benny is just over a year old, so he is still pretty much a puppy. Well, he passed the test and as soon as the  paper  work  is  filled  out  and  sent  in, he  and I  will  be  registered pet partners. I am excited that he has a long career ahead of him volunteering at St Peter Hospital in Olympia,  Washington.  I can  remember  when you and I first talked on the phone  and I told  you what I was looking for and you thought that Benny might be just the dog I wanted. He is.
Vicki S.   - Washington

Pet Dachshunds
 I had heard of some dachshund puppies on so I went hunting.  I came across Shasta Dachshunds and previewed  the site.   The longhaired miniature dachshunds looked beautiful!  They were also the perfect age to be sold.  So, I phoned Joe  and  made  arrangements.   We  bought  two brothers   which   are PERFECT!  Joe and I made travel arrangements which fell together flawlessly.  Luke and Trever were flown in a medium crate from Medford, Oregon to Salt Lake City, Utah where we met them.  They have adjusted beautifully and looked better than I had imagined from the photos.  They are a regular part of the family already!  We highly recommend miniatures dachshunds from Joe as they clearly come from a happy environment, have unique breeding and are gorgeous!

Shelly & Family
Park City, UT

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